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Why isn’t my retainer fitting anymore?


Why isn’t my retainer fitting anymore?

Retainers are devices that enable patients to keep their teeth as straight as possible. Here at Lee Orthodontics, we help patients to achieve a lasting a beautiful smile with an orthodontist in Concord, CA area and provide them with advice to maintain their smile.

Common cases

One reason that a patient’s retainer may not fit is if a patient accidentally distorted the shape of the retainers. It usually occurs with clear plastic retainer, very similar to Invisalign, is cleaned in water that is too hot. These plastic retainers, like Invisalign, are made from thermoplastic that is heated and formd to a patients’ model using high pressure. Washing or boiling the retainer in a hot water can cause the plastic to loose its original shape. Your local Concord orthodontist recommends that these retainers only be washed or rinsed in lukewarm water. Once your retainer has lost its original shape, it should be adjusted or replaced. Visit our orthodontic office in Concord, best place to get braces, to find out what step is necessary for your retainer predicament.

The send and most common cause of retainers not fitting is they are not wearing the retainers as instructed by their orthodontist. If your retainers fit when you completed your treatment and if  it no longer does, the chances are that you have not wearing them long enough and the teeth have shifted. If the shifting is minimal and your retainers fit tight, you can wear them full time so see if they will move back into place. If they do not realign the teeth with in several days, you will need to see your orthodontist near Concord as soon as possible. The longer you wait, there is higher chance of your teeth being more misaligned and more likely you will need braces again.

Contact Lee Orthodontics

Prevention is the best medicine so if your retainer is fitting too tight or doesn’t not fit properly, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Concord orthodontist. If you are interested in receiving orthodontic treatment from a top specialist in the field, feel free to further browse our website to see our treatment options, like Invisalign and Invisalign Teen and early treatment and adult treatment. We look forward to your visit and giving your something to truly smile about!


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