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Do Orthodontic Braces Cause White Spots?

White spot on teeth after orthodontic treament

Do Orthodontic Braces Cause White Spots?

Braces and Invisalign can align your teeth and improve your overall long-term health. Properly aligned teeth can result in improved health by reducing the incidence of gum disease, reducing your prospects for a heart attack or stroke. But sometimes when the braces are removed, you will discover white spots underneath where the braces were attached to your teeth. The question for many parents is whether these white spots were a direct result of the braces. The simple answer is no but braces don’t make it easier to prevent them.

What are white spots?

White spots are known as decalcification or demineralization. These spots are caused by subsurface porosities from the formation of dental plaque. Generally, people have white spots around the braces and the gums and since they are usually underneath the braces or swollen gums, they are extremely difficult to detect during while the braces are on the teeth.

It’s not just a problem for people with braces either. University studies have noted that aobut quarter of teens that have never had braces also develop white spots on their teeth.

Invisalign Teen makes it easier for teenagers to clean their teeth better and reduce the chance of getting white spots since the plastic aligners can be removed to brush and floss better. Invisalign Teen may be more expensive than traditional metal braces but by using Invisalign, it’s possible to keep teeth cleaner by removing plaque as it forms on the teeth.

Reducing white lesions with braces

If your child does have metal braces, your orthodontist in Concord can provide a list of foods and drinks to avoid reducing the changes of getting white lesions. Proper brushing and cleaning can greatly reduce the possibility of forming plaque in the first place. Avoiding soda or sugary drinks can help reduce the likelihood of developing white spots. The best option ofr teens that want to keep their teeth healthy is the use of different types of braces, such as the type available with Invisalign.

Removing white spots

Most white spots improve or completely disappear naturallyas time passes. Teeth whitening may be an option but you should consult your orthodontist near Concord before doing whitening procedure. Micro-abrasion or a resin filling may be another option in severe cases of white spots.

If you currently have white spots or would like to talk about your options to prevent white spots, make an appointment with Dr. David Lee, best places to get braces near Concord, CA.

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